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Direct Ads Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does "CPM" mean?

    CPM stands for "Cost Per Mille", that is: the price you pay to buy 1,000 banner impressions (banner views). The CPM rate fluctuates per country and continent, and can change on a daily base. If you start a campaign, you are assured your banners will serve at the given fixed CPM rate.

  • What does "expected impressions" mean?

    The expected impressions number refers to the number of banner impressions we expect to deliver per day, based on the criteria you entered. This number is based on historical data and should be reasonably accurate.

  • Which banners formats are supported?

    We support the following image formats: GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, TGA, and TIFF. We also support Flash files (including version 9+) that use the clickTAG method.

  • What is the minimum budget to start a campaign?

    You can start an advertising campaign with a budget as low as $50.

  • What happens after I check out the campaign?

    After you checked out and paid the invoice, your banner will be reviewed by our team. If everything is OK, we will accept the banner and categorize it in order to get better performance. You will receive a confirmation email with additional details. This email will be sent to your PayPal address.

  • What if my campaign is rejected?

    In some cases we may reject your campaign, for example if your banner contains nudity or if you violate our Terms & Rules in any other way. In this case you can either upload a new banner or get an immediate refund of your payment, without any additional costs.

  • How do I check reports?

    When your campaign is accepted, you will receive an email with a link where you can check real-time reports. The link is secured, so others won't be able to see your reports. The reports consists of graphs and tables of clicks, impressions and click-rates broken down by day and country. This makes it very convenient to check how your campaign is performing.

  • Where will my banners appear?

    By default your banners will "Run Of Network" (RON), which means they may appear on every website in our portfolio. Please note that we use advanced targeting technology to optimize the performance and placement of the campaign.

  • Can I use retargeting in order to target specific users?

    Simply start a campaign and click on the "Retargeting" setting to get started.

  • What does retargeting and how can I benefit from it?

    Retargeting allows you to target users that performed certain actions specified either by you (using an include and exclude pixel),or automatically by retargeting users that clicked banners of one of your other campaigns. Some example cases are:

    • Run banners with related offers or products.
    • Drop the include pixel halfway through your registration/checkout process. Then target users that did not finish the process.
    • Create special offers to retarget users interested in your product. Often a small discount can lead to a sale.
    For more information about retargeting check the followingWikipedia page.